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How to create android app for your website

Do you have any plans or have you ever wondered of how to create an android application for your website? Look no further cause you’re at the right place. In order to go ahead with this tutorial, you need to have android studio installed and java…

How to make phone call android application

Below is the source code for the video above on how to make phone call android application using android studio. Create a new android project and place this under activity_main.xml which can be located in the layout folder. Place the below code under

How to build a mobile app

Ever pondered your head many times or wondered how or where to start from building a mobile application? Maybe you’ve gotten a crazy idea or a million dollar idea that you don’t wanna share with anyone for the fear that that idea might be stolen but…

Building a Simple Calculator using Android Studio

If you were unable to hear everything i said in the video above, below is the source code of the calculator application that was built. Place this code in the layout of the application activity_main.xml Next, place this code in the MainActivity of the application