How to view wifi password in windows

In this article, you will learn how to view wifi password of a wifi network you’re already connected to using windows.

Follow these steps to find out how
1. Open the run dialog. You can do this by using the shortcut keys: Windows key + R or typing run from the start menu.
2. Type in cmd to open command prompt.
3. Enter the following after you have command prompt open:
netsh wlan show profiles

This shows a list of wifi networks your pc has already been connected to:


In order to view the wifi password of a particular network you have already connected to, enter the below command:
netsh wlan show profiles #WIFI_NAME# key=clear
Replace #WIFI_NAME# with the specific wifi network


You can see from the image above that you’re provided details based on the wifi network. Under security settings, you can find key content. This provides you the password of the wifi network. 🙂