How to build a mobile app

Ever pondered your head many times or wondered how or where to start from building a mobile application? Maybe you’ve gotten a crazy idea or a million dollar idea that you don’t wanna share with anyone for the fear that that idea might be stolen but then you coming out to create an application is like rocket science to you.

Well you should know that its actually easy for you to start out creating a mobile application but then it is necessary that you have some pre-requisite knowledge on programming. That knowledge could be some basic knowledge on a programming language for example a language such as java. Well having no knowledge on java should not scare you yet. You can also create a mobile application with a scripting language such as html which is used for building websites. So if you have any knowledge on html together with its siblings (css, javascript, jquery) you should be good to go for the start.

In this post though, I’ll be giving you a gist on where to start or what you need to do in order to build a mobile application. I’ll soon post tutorials on how to actually develop a mobile application so stay tuned.


Okay, so we have different operating system platforms which are run on a variety of mobile phones.Popular OS Platforms such as Android OS, iOS, Windows, Fire OS etc. We gonna look at where to start from developing with Android OS since its widely used on lots of mobile phones.

Android OS applications are developed using the programming language JAVA and C/C++ inclusive but it is much easier using JAVA for building applications for android. You therefore need to have some basic knowledge in JAVA to start with since you will find it easier if you want to progress. I will provide some basic information about JAVA in later posts or you can check out websites like Coursera , Lynda for some basic knowledge. They also provide advanced knowledge as well.

When you become quite familiar with the java language, you can head on to downloading the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which will be used for building your android mobile application. This IDE is known as Android Studio and can be downloaded here. Note that you will need to have java installed to run Android Studio.
Once you have java installed, your android studio should run perfectly and you should be ready to get started building your first application 🙂